Germany announces multi billion nuclear waste management deals with nuclear operators

German Vice-Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel announced that the German Parliament approved a nuclear waste deal with energy providers, that would have to pay more than €22 billion ($23 billion) for the disposal of radioactive waste in Berlin, Wednesday.

SOT, Sigmar Gabriel, German Vice-Chancellor said that German Parliament has made a further step towards a nuclear power phase-out. He said that it has reached a comparatively huge consensus for first of all make nuclear power plant operators to remain responsible for demolition and proper disposal of nuclear waste. He also said that for this they will have to pay more than 17 billion euros and a further 5 billion euros. It will help in making them responsible for managing atomic waste.

He said that it is very necessary for developed nations to manage their nuclear waste. If they will not be able to take necessary steps required to tackle the situation in time, it may be possible in future that developed nations will be sending the same nuclear waste to less developing countries for disposal under less secure environments. To avoid this situation, he said that significant steps and storage facilities for high level radioactive waste are required.

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