How to use Windows Live Writer with Joomla

Joomla is one of the best free CMS available for free to make a premier website with mobile friendly design and environment. Unlike WordPress which was initially developed for just blogging platform and was later on transformed to accommodate a full website, Joomla was developed with the core objective of being a complete CMS for the web portal. Also as compared to Drupal, Joomla is Mobile friendly out of the box and do not require and plugin or modules to make it mobile ready. It is also socially scalable and that’s the reason why very big sites like eBay use Joomla. Being one of the most popular platforms, it has got several modules and themes available to customise it for several kinds of needs ranging from making property sites to social sharing websites.

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Even with so many features, it’s still far behind other CMS like WordPress which has got millions of users more than it. While there are few other reasons too as WordPress was hit due to it being a Blogging platform and also due to its free blog hosting features, yet Joomla isn’t that far behind too. What it lacks is the convenience of developing the contents. Unlike in WordPress which is capable of offline editing through Bog Editing software as Windows Live Writer, Joomla requires users to create the content from online mode through web interface only.

While this sounds to be limiting features of Joomla, but not to worry, it too can be configured much easily to support offline publishing features. It too supports Windows live writer with the help of XMLRPC plugin and properly configuring the settings in Windows Live Writer.

To configure your windows live writer to work with Joomla you don’t need to change on your writer, you need to do all is that you need to install a XML-RPC protocol in your Joomla site so that not only windows live writer but all other blog publishing tool can communicate with the website properly at correct ports.

Install XMLRPC Plug-in

To enable XML-RPC protocol in Joomla all you need to do is first install a plug-in called blogger API or any other XML-RPC blogging tool in your Joomla site.

One of such blogging tool is blog API and you can download it by clicking the link below:

Download XML-RPC Plugin

After you have downloaded it, enable it from the plug-in manager and then click on the component and then on XML-RPC plug-in and finally make some setting such as tick on feature article option to make the articles available in feature list or select many other required such options.

Configuring Windows Live Writer

After completing the installation of XMLRPC plug-in, start configuring Windows live Writer. Now up to here, everyone can do. Where most fail is that they don’t know how to connect their writer with the site. Well in WordPress and other blogging tool usually the URL to connect is the site address or something like / user or something like that. But in Joomla it’s different.

They need to find their connecting point address themselves after few tricky tests. Now suppose you haven’t turned on the search engine friendly URL then your connecting URL shall be /index.php?option=com_xmlrpc&view=rsd&format=xml

Replace here “” with your domain of the Joomla Website.

But if you have enabled search engine friendly URL system then your URL shall be / component/xmlrpc/rsd.xml

Now what you must notice is that if you have language switch enabled then your site address may be like /index.php/en/……. So it depends on your configuration.

Also, note that while entering account you should enter site address where your article are published as or /blog and then username or password.

After the blogging tool says to enter the further detail then select blog type as move-api and enter the above format of your XML-RPC address.

And now you are completely ready with your blog.

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